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Impact collision center is an auto body repair shop and collision repair facility located in Madison, Tennessee. Owner Ed Bentley has been in the auto body business since 2007. We are a family owned and operated company. We have worked on all makes and models of cars and trucks. We opened our auto body shop in 2007. Our goal is repairing your vehicle to it's factory specifications. Most parts are readily available from the dealership, If OEM parts are not available then aftermarket parts can be purchased to have the car ready and available by the scheduled date promised to the customer after the parts are inspected for a sure fit and damage free. Some insurance companies or insurance adjusters prefer to use aftermarket parts because the parts are sometimes easier and quicker to obtain.

The actual repair work on each car is completely different, depending on the damage. Hail damage takes a real long time to fix. Front-end damage cost the most to repair because there are so many parts involved, including airbags, engines, and windshields. The hardest to repair are vehicles that are hit in the side doors because of what’s necessary to get doors to close easily and still have no wind noise and water leaks . More repair is involved in a side hit, for example; the rear quarter because it is part of the body as a uniside, and with welding there is no room for adjustment.The damaged section has to be pulled out and realigned before the doors will remain flauless back in their orginal position.

Auto body repair shops need time to prep you car. Sanding each indivudial piece is necessary for the primer to adhere to the surface. Sometimes fillers must be used to fix small dents, or plastic bumpers that become cracked or split and need to be plastic welded for a good repair. Adhesion promoters and Cleaning chemicals are used before applying paint, this is to remove oils from the surface, that may be there from the workers hands. Auto and body repair technicians must absolutely remove all traces of oil, greese, dirt, silicon, and any surface contaminants. It is possible to quickly slap on a paint job without properly preping the car. But, Paint and clear coats can peel off the car in sheets . The correct way takes longer but who wants to bring their car back for round two for the same repair.

Often automobile mechanical parts have been damaged during the car accident. Sometimes the mechanical parts need to be removed to allow access to other damage body parts. The picture (right) is a Nissan Titan. The radiator was damaged and needed to be replaced. If the front fender was damaged, and the auto body repair specialist can't fix the fender without removing it from the car, then he may need to remove the underhood fuse box or windshield wiper water container to accsess the inside also. Our auto body repair technicians have over 30 years experience in removing, repairing and painting your car. Our shop manager, Bart Hall, has worked with me since 1993. Bart is our main auto body specialists. Bart has restored his own street machine and it is a 1967 Ford Mustang GTA ,3 times. Every customer vehicle Bart encounters has the time and effort just like restoring his own personal vehicle. Mr.hall takes a lot of pride in everything he does, and that's why he's a major part of the team. Most of the time he knows how and what I want done before I say anything at all.

Auto painting is very time consuming. Our paint quality and color matching are top quality. We custom match each and every color to your particular vehicle. Ed Bentley is certified to spray performance paints, such as; Dupont, PPG, Nasons, Hot Hues, Global, and Sherwin-Williams. It is important to choose the correct paint brand to match the paint on the car. Paint varies for pigment, and some are more transparent. We use the highest quality in auto paint materials from epoxy primer to acrylic polyurethane clear. Epoxy primer is the best type of primer to provide maximum adhesion and acrylic polyurethane clear will give the maximum protection and durability to the paint finish.

Our Nashville auto body shop has relationships with most major dealerships such as; BMW, Lexus, Nissan, Kia, Toyota, Chevrolete, Saturn, Mazada, Lincoln / Mercury, Ford and many more in the Nashville area. We also are certified to do auto body work on cars for insurance companies such as; Geico, Direct, All state, Progressive, AAA, Nationwide, Travelers, Farm Bureau, and many more. Please contsct us if you are unsure if we can give you a quote on the damage of your car, for your insurance company.

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